Why Choose Al Net Solutions?

So your business or organization has come to the realization you need a website. But, you’re busy running your business or organization and just don’t have the time to create a website. May be you have tried one of those Do It Yourself programs offered by your Internet Service Provider, but just don’t like the cookie cutter design and you can only keep the site with them. May be you enlisted a friend, family member or someone else to get a website up for you, but they never finished it or you don’t like the way it looks. You thought about hiring a web designer, but didn’t want to shell out thousands of dollars and wait weeks for your site to be built by someone in another country.

So, why choose Al Net Solutions?

  • We are a US company and our servers are located in the United States
  • We work with you to find out what you’re goals, objectives and needs are and build a site based on your input. There is no cost for the initial consultation, so you have nothing to loose. We will discuss over the phone or via Skype what it is YOU want to do.
  • Semi-custom design means your site is going to be a lot more unique to your business. It is not going to look like you slapped your name and phone number on a pre-built site.
  • Affordable. With design, domain and hosting packages ranging from $150-$400 for the first year. eCommerce or Blog upgrades are only an extra one-time fee of $60. After the first year, you pay $75 a year to keep your domain and hosting services active.
  • We design it, you own it. The domain name(s) is/are registered in your or your company’s name. The domain and site contents may be moved to almost any other provider after the first year. Please see our FAQs for more information.
  • You can make updates and changes to your site. You don’t need to know how to program in HTML. The WordPress engine is very powerful, but fairly easy to use. There is a slight learning curve for more advanced functions but editing is about as simple as using Microsoft Word. We will send you help documentation after your site is live.
  • Quick turn-around. Sites can be ‘live’ in as little as 3-5 days from the initial consultation. Typically your site will be ‘live’ within 24-hours after your final approval.
  • Small changes or additions can be made on an as needed basis. Cost will be based on an hourly rate of $25 per hour and you will be given an estimate prior to any work being performed.
  • Emails are answered within 12-hours (most times within 2-4 hours).
  • We offer more than just design services. We also offer email, stand-alone web hosting, secure web hosting (HTTPS)